Do you value the representation and distribution of your image?

Placing value on the representation and distribution of your brand is extremely crucial, just be sure that you realize the difference between “placing value” and “implementing results.” Remember, great ideas, great insights and great plans mean nothing without proper execution. As a church you should value the representation of your brand, but also the process in which that brand is exemplified.


Brad Abare, communications consultant and founder of the Center for Church Communication wrote an article about Common Communication Mistakes. In this article, he discusses the importance of the Three M’s: Message, Method and Movement. The representation and distribution of your brand revolves around these three concepts. First, you must know your message, your call to action, your purpose. Second, you must define the movement or what you want to happen as a result of your message being heard/seen/experienced. Finally, you must determine a method. You need to discover the best way to connect the message with the movement. The method is the bridge.

Also, it’s important to remember this concept from Brandon Cox, a pastor at Grace Hills Church. “The mission has never changed: Get the gospel to the world. But the tools have multiplied many times over, allowing us to do it more efficiently than ever before. Which means we can spend less time fighting to create more content at all costs and spend more time simplifying our message and distributing it effectively." Effectively representing and distributing your brands image means defining your message, deciding the method(s) you wish to implement and discovering the best way(s) in which to make them happen.