When to redesign your website

With the advancement of culture, technology, and trends, you may be thinking about a website redesign. With many options available, you will face many questions and many solutions. This task can seem overwhelming given the number of questions, concepts, and processes it seems you must consider and evaluate. 


Some of the seemingly endless amounts of questions include:

  • What is the budget we have to work with?
  • Do we hire a design team or freelancer?
  • What colors should we use?

Although a redesign will bring many questions to light, there are a few that you should begin with. Kelli Shaver, a writer for Mashable.com, highlights 7 key questions that are necessary to indulge before beginning the redesigning process. In her article titled 7 Factors to Consider When Redesigning Your Website, she highlights the beginning steps of a redesign.

Kelli’s questions include:

  • Why are you redesigning?
  • What type of redesign do you need?
  • What does and doesn’t work currently?
  • How is your site being used?
  • Has your brand or company image changed?
  • When or how should you launch your redesign
  • How do I make the transition smoother?

In a new age of technology with many options and many solutions, remember that a few key questions can help direct you and your ministries in the right direction. Start simple and broad; narrow as you go.