Shoreline Church Website Launch

Shoreline Church Wesbite

We had the opputunity of working with a church plant in Palm Beach Garderns, FL called Shoreline Church.  In contacting us, Shoreline Church, wanted to create a simple page that would convey the vision of their church pre-lauch.  As you can see, the design of this website is a-typical of other designs we have taken on in the past.  Since the needs of Shoreline were different, we wanted to approach design differently. 

Shoreline Church Website Features

Floating Navigation Bar: Since the design of this page is one page, vertical design we needed to think of a creative way to navigate this website.  This floating navigation bar, was the solution we chose.  When scrolling on the Shoreline Church Website, the floating navigation bar will follow your web cursor.  When you click on the navigation links, you will be automatically taken to the top of the corresponding category.

Custom Pay-Pal Buttons: We decided to make pay-pal look better by creating custom button. Very simple, but it changes the dynamic of the Partner section of this website.

Custom Connection Platform: We created a multi-layer connection platform for this website, which allows all of the social connection platforms to be integrated.  Sections include: Facebook & Twitter feeds, Mail Chimp Sign-up form, and Blog RSS feed. 

Shoreline Church Website CMS

The Shoreline Church Website uses the Squarespace CMS

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