Social Media In the Church

You can't deny the power of social media in todays culture.  The majority of people in our churches are using at least one form of social media.  Since social media is taking precedence in the church we need to approach it strategically.  It is easy to respond to the noise of social media by creating a page in Facebook or a church twitter account.  Before you start, ask yourself some basic questions to help direct your efforts.  We consult churches with their social media efforts and have an intensive process to ensure everything is aligned, but you can do a quick self discovery to point everything in the right direction. 

Before you start your church's social media ask your self some basic questions.  First, who is your audience and how are they currently using social media?  Second, what are you planning to use each social media platform for? Thirdly, what is your voice and frequency?  Normally we take anywhere from 5-30 hours to discover, create strategy, design and launch a social media plan, s don't be afraid to give your church social media some real thought.  If you need help in this process drop us an email

Luke Frederick

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