Does Social Media matter with Church Websites

Social Media for the ChurchSocial Media is quickly becoming the platform which information is passed along.  Before, you would search the topic on Google or other search engines.  Today, people still do this but they are also relying heavily upon their social community to provide this information.  People prefer referred information because it comes with a social contract of guaranteed and quality.  We trust our friends to share information which is relevant and quality in nature.  This is were Social Media steps in and provides an avenue of connection.  Your church website is an absolute must, but you need to communicate your communities culture, values, events and connection through an environment which already connects your church.  Facebook, twitter and the like already exist and allow for this transfer of connection and information. 

It is important your church website connects with social media.  The more your church web design allows for this the more you can leverage the power of social media. 

Luke Frederick

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