MN Church Planters Website Launch

Roger Stacy
MN AG | Home Missions/Ministerial Enrichment Director

Roger Stacy is the Director of the Home Missions Department which facilitates our church multiplication efforts throughout Minnesota. He has served the MN Dist Council of the Assemblies of God for over 20 years.  He is also a certified Leadership Coach and has served on the National Leadership Team for the Church Multiplication Network (CMN) for the Assemblies of God.  Roger also serves as a Facilitator for the CMN Church Planting Boot Camps.

About MN Church Planters

Minnesota Church Multiplication is a resource center for the MN Dist Assemblies of God and their efforts in church planting throughout Minnesota. They aim to Elevate their ability to plant health, vibrant churches throughout the state and to Accelerate the rate at which we multiply our churches.  Their goal in the next decade is to leverage the fruitfulness of the last 8 decades to facilitate and resource the starting of 200 more churches throughout Minnesota.  

Their Website Features

The nature of MN Church Planters is to resource and network with Minnesota Parent Churches, Church Planters, and Church Planter Coaches.  To accomplish this we incorporated Blogs, Forums, and Live Streaming Video.  The following is the full list of features used on 

HTML Page  
HTML Pages give you the ability to create and edit normal web pages.  These pages allow you to enter content, pictures, videos, and links. 

Journal - Blog
Journal allows you to create a blog within your website.  From your blog people can leave comments, search your topics, and reference any resources you have uploaded or are linked to. 

Journal Index
Journal Index allows you to index your blog pages.  This menu will represent an archived view of a particular Blog. 

Forums allow users to engage in conversations on specific topics.  They are stored on your website and are searchable by anyone, which allows people to find your site in regards to these topics.  This is a great way to engage your online community in meaningful conversations.  

Links allow you to generate a page with your favorite links.  These links are very useful with Search Engine Optimization and quick access to other resources recommended by your church.  

Picture Gallery 
Picture Gallery gives you the ability to upload and manage a beautiful photo gallery.  This page allows you to label and describe any photo you upload to the website. 

Change Tracker 
Change Tracker is a tool which informs your users of any changes made to the website.  This is a great current events option for your home page. 

Single Link
Single Link allows you to create direct page links to your navigation.  This feature allows a quick way to add subpages to your navigation.  

Syndicate RSS 
Syndicate RSS presents your RSS feeds so users can subscribe to specific pages.  Any updates made on the specified page will be sent to the users subscription manager or email.  

Login Prompt
Login Prompt allows you to place a login page were users can sign in.  The different permissions given to users will allow them to see hidden pages.  This also allows you to assign website administrators.  

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