Missionary to Argentina Nathan Grams

We are very excited to announce the website launch for Nathan Grams, a missionary to Argentina.  They will be raising funds to begin their ministry in Buenos Aires over the next year.  Their new website will aid in sharing their vision, raising resources and staying connected with their partners.

Discovery Process 

The website is themed around three main action points set during the Discovery.  Once we figured these out we developed how they would function in the website.  We also discovered a slogan which clearly communicates their values and mission, "Reaching Buenos Aires together with you."  Both the action points and slogan were tied through their website, videos, prayer cards and E-news letters.

Social Media Setup

We also set up their social media Twitter account, Facebook Page, Vimeo and Flicker accounts.  All themed with the same design in their website. 

This website is a great example of what is possible when you take the time to do a Discovery and take what is developed throughout the website.  

Check out the new site at www.gramsonline.org  

Luke Frederick

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