101: Church Website Usability

The main objective for most church websites is usability.  Your church website design will do you no good if your website is not usable.  Here are a few pointers that will help you create a church website that is usable. 

  1. Keep your content concise and to the point. Large blocks of content is often overwhelming to the user.  It is good practice to put the main point near the beginning as well because most readers will not make it to the end. 
  2. Keep your paragraphs two to three sentences long.  This keeps the flow of content and keeps the readers interest. 
  3. Use headers to call attention to specific areas.  This is an easy feature to use in Squarespace when writing content.  Headers are good for separating the page up for readers.  
  4. Use bullet points when possible.   This will categorize your main points quickly for your users allowing them to pull as much value as possible. 

Church website usability is also influenced by intuitive navigation.  If your users would not naturally find your new website page it may be in the wrong place.  You want your users to not think when they are looking for content on your website.  Always ask a few people their opinion on your websites navigation to ensure it is clear. 

Luke Frederick

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