9 steps to writing good content for your Church Website

Content is king on the web.  Quality church website design is only the beginning.  The better your content is, the more you see positive results on your church website.  There are a couple things to rember when writing content for your website.


  1. Write content that builds trust
  2. Answer questions your users may have
  3. Create content that brings value to your readers
  4. Try to spark conversation with your content
  5. Make sure your content is search optimized so people can find it
  6. Always add links to provide further resources to your topic
  7. Write content that is clear and concise
  8. Think of how to move the reader to return 
  9. Double check your sources and site them


These pointers will set you on the right path for writing great content to compliment your great church website design. 

Luke Frederick

Luke Stuff