Making your Church Website Banners Count

Church Website Banner ExamplesIt is very common to see rotating banners on church websites.  They are great for communicating your recent sermon series podcast or upcoming events.  Website Banners can be both a blessing and a curse.  If you select the wrong photos or poorly edit them, it can cause more damage than good.  A banner can bring you web-cred (respect) if you do them well, or it can discredit your church website.  Make sure you find great designs and get a second opinion... from someone who will be honest.  

Here is a create resource for finding free website banners, Creativemyk.  Just remember to crop them to size and not squish them down. 

I would recommend investing in Adobe Photoshop (PSD) to edit your banners.  Here at Sheepish Design we provide our clients with PSD templates of their banners so they can make future changes.  There are plenty of great tutorials on how to use the program.  A little Photoshop can go a long way for your church website design. Here are some great link for online tutorials; Lynda and Creative Live.  I hope these free resources help you create amazing banners for your church website.  or church wordpress themes 

Luke Frederick

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