How to make Church Website Banners

Church Website Banner Ideas.

Website banners can make your Church Website stand out to your users. The key is finding the right photo and placing the correct font type in spacial symmetry.  Here are some pointers to creating great website banners for your church website. 

Quick Tips to Creating Church Website Banners

  1. Choose photos that match the tone of your church website.  If your site is bright and aggressive find photos that feel comfortable in the design.  
  2. Use photos with people in them.  Make sure that the photos are organic and capture the emotion well.  If the people are posing it can come across insincere. 
  3. Make sure the photo quality is good.  There is nothing worse a pixelated photo.  When creating the banner in Photoshop make sure it is set at 72dpi and actual size for the web. 
  4. The type font should feel apart of the photo.  This means it should not feel awkward.  If you are not sure, ask someones opinion who has fashion sense. 
  5. Use a contrasting color for the type font against the photo.  This does not mean contrasting primary colors, rather a color that fits the tone of the photo but allows it to pop. 
  6. When all else fails look through some examples to get ideas. 

Remember a bad church website banner can do more damage than no website banner.  Take the time to create quality designed banners.  If you are not comfortable you can always contact us to help you out.

Luke Frederick

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