Top Ten Signs Your Church Website is Ugly

Top Ten Signs Your Church Website Is Ugly

  1. When you ask people if they like the church website they say, "It works... I guess."
  2. When you look at your website it reminds you of the late 90's.
  3. There are clip art images on your website.
  4. You use multiple colors in your content to emphasize importance.
  5. Your church website banners are pixelated (and not in the cool way).
  6. You don't want to use it either!
  7. Every time you mention your website as a reference you are hesitant.
  8. You actually forget the URL to your church website!
  9. There are kittens and sparkles on your landing page.
  10. The word Cyberspace is in your titles!

There was a recent study that showed how 52% of users would not return to a website because of its ascetics! That means if your church website is ugly you are guaranteed half of the people who visit will not return. Are you ready to let this happen? Church websites done right. Sometimes the design of your church website is left in the hands of the wrong person. I have heard story after story of church websites being done by the brother, cousin or friend of the pastor. This usually leads to poor design and lack of time committed to making the church website intuitive because the volunteer is not a real designer. When you bring in a friend or brother in to design your website it's hard to say NO to their work, which can cause the website to suffer. Are you willing to let 52% of your users go because you want to still use your cousin or brother? The investment in your church website design will make the difference with keeping the traffic to your website. My guess is that 52% is only going to grow as users become accustom to great design on the web. Investing in your church website design is investing in the future of your church!

Luke Frederick

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