Commit the time to your website

If there is anything we've learned over the years it's commit time to your website.  In todays age of communication your website is key to getting connecting with others.  Your church website has the ability to be your greatest asset when it comes to communication.  

Three tips for getting committed to you Church Website.

  1. Set a schedule to update your website.  Just like you take the time to update your email inbox or prepare your message for sunday morning you should update your website.  If you don't have the time assign the task to an assistant, but make sure you update your content.
  2. Set a concrete plan for keeping your church website up to date.  With out a plan you will quickly forget about it.  Setting a plan will also allow you to empower your team to pitch in.  
  3. Set goals and celebrate when you reach them.  There is nothing better than meeting a goal set by your team.  When you go form 115 on google to 7 it is electrifying.  Set personal goals with your team as well to build momentum. 

When you care about your church website your church will care.  People can tell when a website is neglected, and when they see this it deters them from coming back.  Committing to updating your website with relevant content will pay out dividends for your church website. 

Luke Frederick

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