How to connect Facebook to your Church Website

How to Connect your church website to facebookThere are a couple ways to connect your church website to Facebook. The one I want to address is posting your blog entries onto the wall. There are applications on Facebook which pull your RSS feed and automatically update your status but I highly recommend you don't use this method. Even though it is the easiest way to update your Facebook community it can become white noise. If people see Blog titles and a link continually they will begin to categorize you with bulk emails, and we all know what that means!

To avoid this I recommend taking the extra 40 seconds and writing a personal note/teaser and copy the url manually. This keeps your updates in the category of personal updates, which people can not get enough of! The extra 40 secs will keep you in the "friend update category" and out of the "email blast category."

Social communities like Facebook and Twitter are permission based groups. This means you are apart of their exclusive online friends. Since this relationship is based off permission you need to approach it as such. Inauthentic wall posts can break this trust quickly if done regularly, even if your blog post are authentic. Keeping the trust means content engagement, and this is why you wrote the blog in the fist place.

Luke Frederick

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