Why you should build a custom church website

The word custom website carries a different meaning now that there are hundreds of free templates out there.  At first it seems like the more free templates the better right?  My question is why are they free? The next question is what is your core vision and culture?  Can a free template deliver the culture and brand you desire to build through your church website? 

I got off the phone yesterday with a local book author who is looking to build two websites for his next project.  He said something in regards to custom websites that caught me off guard.  His comment was, "Luke, I could go anywhere for my website. Heck I could outsource it to India! But I want Sheepish Design to do it because you can communicate my brand!"  This was amazing to me because he was selling me our services! 

Custom websites are the future of differentiating yourself in a sea of free template websites.  Since the web has become to starting point for most peoples church shopping, it is important to nail the first impression with your church website design. 

Luke Frederick

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